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At Unitalks, onboard pre-made teams for all your business needs.  

Operating on a global scale, Unitalks offers you an expert panel of creative designers and dedicated developers.

How We Work

An outline of how our hiring and screening process works.

Team Setup Process

Scoping the hiring requirement

One of our team members from the talent acquisition team connects with you to understand your hiring requirement and finalize the roles & responsibilities for each hiring position.

Filtering out candidates

Once the roles & responsibilities are finalized, our team starts handpicking and screening the right fit for the job from the pool of pre-vetted talent. 

F2F Inteview and Contract

As the last step, the shortlisted candidates are sent to you for the final screening. If you hire the talent and they sign a contract with you, we set up their virtual workspace and give them all the necessary tools.

Easy synchronisation between client and team member

Finally, we also assign a Success Manager to coordinate between the client and the team member for a seamless experience.

Talent Screening Process

Relevant Past experience 

We start off with the most basic prerequisite - the relevant experience that the talent has according to your requirements.

Technical skills and communication skills

The talent is then evaluated against all the technical requirements like creating complex software and skill-specific tests. We also assess their ability to articulate their thoughts on paper and their ability to convert them into actionable items.

Reasoning Skills and Growth Mindset

We keep an eye on their problem solving skills and their overall perspective on learning and growing.

Work Ethics

We understand that to deliver quality work, ethics are of utmost importance. We have a part of our screening process specifically dedicated to get this right. 

Why UniTalks?

Why you should trust us to build your team?

Hire dedicated teams for specific tasks

Whether you want to hire a development team or a band of designers to get your graphics sorted, Unitalks is your one stop shop.

No compromise on quality

Our rigorous screening rounds ensure that we forward only the best talent to you.

 Free trial for one week

That’s right - at UniTalks, you can hire the best designers and developers and try the team for a week. Completely free of charge, no questions asked!

In-house team experience

We guarantee you the best in-house experience - our customer success manager stays with you throughout the ride.

Hire full time talent for your team - at the best price!  

Individual Contributor


Per hour

1-3 years of experience

Mostly worked on a single stack 

Top Individual Contributor


Multi-faceted Contributor 


Per Hour

3-7 years of experience 

Expertise in multiple stacks 

Worked on niche skills 

Mentors Junior Members

Leader & Diverse Contributor 


Per Hour

7-10 years of experience 

Worked across stacks, products 

Multiple niche skills 

Experience leading teams


You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear What Business Are Saying About Us

"Unitalks spend a good amount of time understanding our requirements, resulting in accurate recommendations and quick ramp-up by developers. "

Shawn Desouza 

Founder & CEO, Desouza and Associates Inc 

" It has been great working with Unitalks for hiring highly talented and hardworking folks on contract. I recommend them highly for any software developer talent you are looking to hire! "

Prajeeb Kumar

Chief Information Officer, Tabrasa

" Unitalks has been instrumental in helping us grow at a fast pace. Their screening process for developers is top notch and they were able to connect us with quality talent quickly. "

Aatraye Almast

Founder, ConnectedCareMe

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Operating on a global scale, Unitalks offers you an expert panel of creative designers and dedicated developers.

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