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At unitalks, we leverage our expertise in the field of mobile development & AI development to create quality products with top-notch technologies.

AI Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP), a medley of linguistics, information engineering and AI, is a bridge between human and computer communications. It essentially related to training computers to process and analyze language. NLP helps to read, decipher and understand human languages, with all the nuances and quirks. Natural Language Processing is one of the driving forces behind the following common applications like Google Translate, Grammarly, MS Work and virtual assistants like Google, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. We at Unitalks understand how voice search is gaining importance, and having a strong NLP in place is crucial to a business, either directly or indirectly. Our endeavor is to bridge the gap between humans and machines, one sentence at a time.

Computer Vision

Computer vision provides a deeper understanding of how computers can be made to gain high-level understanding by means of digital images or videos and automates the work that the human visual system does. It is an intricate process of acquiring, analyzing and understanding of digital images, and uses the data available on the internet to express the digital image in the form of numerical or symbolic information or words. The usage of the same can be witnessed in scene recognition, video tracking, motion estimation, among many other scenarios. We excel at debunking the mysteries of human vision and believe in providing legitimate data that are more relevant in the physical world, that just the 3d depiction which our human vision is capable of.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is the technology of using data and statistical algorithms to predict a possible outcome based on historical data. The possibilities are endless and many organizations are resorting to predictive analytics to help solve tricky problems. Predictive analysis is best in scenarios like detecting fraudulent cases, targeting marketing campaigns and risk management. We believe we can see the future by detecting a pattern and using the data to predict what is to come. This can not only lead to grand successes, it can also help big organizations save a lot of money and disaster and deal with risky decisions better. This practice not only helps businesses attract new customers, it can also establish a tried and tested for the organization which is bound to work out for the best.


Every brand has an application nowadays. It has become a right of passage and a very essential one at that. A brand requires a visual depiction of its brand which is more accessible on the go. This is where mobile apps come in and play a pivotal role in the user-friendly visual depiction of the said brand. Since Android is a dominant player in this space and the density of people using Android devices is considerably larger, Mobile apps for Android software is something which is abundant, and so are the mobile development solution providers. Android apps are designed using the Material Design guidelines which is something that we closely adhere. We at Unitalks help your brand create an application which is not only visually stunning, but is easily accessible and keeps the visual design, motion, fonts, and color in mind. Also, we ensure that your application works amicably with your android interface to provide the best experience every time.


Apple surely has the world wrapped up in its little finger, and for all the right reasons. iOS is surely a big one in the mobile app development platforms, mainly because it was potentially the platform which instigated mobile development into our daily lives. iOS is based on Darwin (BSD) and OS X and shares some important frameworks with OS X, and its user interface is based on Apple’s Cocoa UI. iOS applications are typically built utilizing either Objective-C or the now more popular development language for the platform, Swift. We are well versed in the intricacies which are to be taken care of as we develop iOS applications for your preferred Apple device.


While native apps essentially run on the device and are written with web technologies languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, Hybrid apps function inside a native carrier, leveraging the device’s browser engine to exhibit the HTML and process the JavaScript in a local basis. A web-to-native abstraction line allows the device to access the specified device capabilities which are otherwise not accessible in Mobile Web applications, like camera and local storage. We have created hybrid applications with unique specifications and flexible approach. Hybrid apps are a great option if you are looking to target multiple mobile platforms and want to take advantage of specific device capabilities like geolocation, accelerometer or camera.